Monday, August 19, 2013

The leaves are changing


I have always heard that if you love your job you will never work a day in your life.  I love teaching but I am not at all excited for this upcoming year.  Maybe that is because I have went through a LOT of changes in the past year.  Maybe it's because we have a huge new staff or maybe it's because I've lost my passion.  Perhaps it's all a combination but I am definitely not ready.


I know I need to spend probably three days in my classroom setting up, organizing and creating lesson plans.  We have to tear our rooms down at the end of the school year so now I have to put Humpty Dumpty back together again.


Since my sisters move to Phoenix I have had time to reflect and then it dawned on me.  Vickie won't be here to go to Staples on Teacher Appreciation Day.  They have it every year.  You go to a store and they have donuts and juice and then a bag with goodies.  Being the honest girl we are, we arrive at our first Staples at 9am walk in, get our free stuff and get out. Next, we look at the navigator to the next closest Staples and drive there, walk in, get our freebies and walk out.  We do this for a solid three hours from Tacoma to Seattle and from Burien to Issaquah.  You would be AHmazed at how much ground we cover.  And although everything in our bags are samples, by the time you've been to 10 Staples you have lots of "stuff" to stock your classroom with.   And of course there are raffles so within a week you may get called for that prize, as well.  When we're all done we have lunch and go home.  The following weekend we go to the outlet stores and cheap stores (Ross, TJ Maxx..etc.,) for school clothes shopping.  We start out about 10am and literally go until 9 or 10pm.  Of course there is eating throughout the day, as well.  Then we come back to Vickie's house and try on clothes and give my other sister, Anita, a fashion show.  But this year it's just me.  My husband, Ricky, will have to drive me over to Ross and then pick me up when I call him.  Neat, huh?


My driver's license has ben revoked from June '13 until June '14 because of the auto accident I was in on November 2, 2011.  I drove from about 2 weeks after the accident in '11 through May of 2012 and no issues/tickets/accidents...nothing.  So imagine my amazement that the DOL was REVOKING my license a year and seven months after my accident.   Did I mention I have a spotless driving record (up to the accident?)  So now I have to rely on everyone to drive me places or come pick me up if I want to do anything.  And it was an ACCIDENT for heaven's sake.  My insurance took care of everything and it's almost been two years.  But leave it to the DOL to not be on top of things.  Another reason I can't wait to get out of WA.


My sister Vickie has a dog, Simba, who came from the same litter as my dog, Harleigh.  While I was in Phoenix I saw a spot on her leg.  Vickie went and had it checked out.  It's stage two bone cancer.  That makes me very sad.  Now I look at Harleigh every day for lumps.  Vickie had the tumor removed and they found one in her mouth, as well and removed it.  So now she will see an Oncologist to see how to proceed.  The girls are only eight.  I know Simba is a tough cookie (they are Rhodesian Ridgebacks/Lab mix) and if Vickie gets her on the right meds she could last two-four more years.  I get sad when I think about Harleigh OR Parker having to die.


Speaking of death, a classmate of mine from high school has stage 4 breast cancer.  She's beaten stage 3 TWICE over the years but this time, the cancer will win.  Tumors are throughout her body and attached to every organ and now her brain.  The doctors said she wouldn't be here by Xmas of 2011 and here it is almost three years later.  But my friend went to actually say goodbye to her.  We all know it's time for her to be out of pain and be laid to rest.  She says she's not afraid and she's ready to let go.  She was always so nice to me and although not BFF's she was the first to lend her hand to comfort me when I went through cancer, twice (I am in remission.)  I get so nervous everyday because I don't know if we'll hear through the phone or by text or over FB.  But we all know it's coming.  So much death seems to surround me lately.  I never think about it but nowadays it seems like it can't get off my mind.  My prayers go out to you tonight, Lisa, that you may pass peacefully and the horrific pain you are enduring will forever be gone.  You will be missed but your kindness will live on through me.  I remember my friends, Laura & Cindy's mom once told me, "When someone dies, take ONE thing you loved about that person and incorporate it into who you are. Then, in a way, that person will live on through your actions.  Thanks, Sally.


I have a week and a 1/2 before I have to go back for good.  I bought my ticket to Phoenix from Dec 20th - Dec 31st. 


My friend, Caren and I are going to see Blondie in concert at Marymoor Park in Redmond on the 17th of September.  I am hoping for my bday Ricky will take me to Snoqualmie Casino as they have The Price is Right LIVE! (which originated in Vegas) playing there on the 28th.   Caren and I will also take a road trip across the mountains for the last few days of sun and relaxation.  I also heard that Carl's Jr. has a Green Burrito in Ellensburg (center of WA state) and since I had those at Rocky's (San Diego) I haven't stopped thinking about them.  Sad, but true.  We will stop by the North Bend Outlet Mall on our way home to do a little clothes shopping for school, too.


Another school year and summer complete.  Here goes a new school year, with most of my family gone, waiting for the outcome of my hearing against the district (who is trying to argue that zero tolerance=under the influence) and getting our "Moving to AZ" checklist ready and start getting on a role.  I still ant to be a 911 operator.  Maybe I'll change when I get to AZ.  Who knows. I need something different because this life has become CRAP.


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