Thursday, June 20, 2013

Life Story- June 20th

I finished up with the end of the school year and will miss my kids so much.  Teaching is one of the hardest jobs I have ever had as it wears down every sense you possesses.  But if you are not a teacher you hear from that crowd how easy you have it because all you can do is sit and color with them.  Hm.  Haven't done it yet, but I'll keep hoping.

Now it's time for summer break. My sisters are moving to AZ and I will drive down with them starting tomorrow a.m.  2 cars, 4 people, 2 dogs and our luggage.  Should be a phenomenal road trip. Very serene.

After that I will fly into San Diego and spend 2 wks with my bestie, Rocky.  I need her so much right now I can hardly wait to get there. 

Coming home will be the hardest to know that my husband is here, and my one friend...the rest have either passed, or moved away.  I think emotionally I will not prepare until I am hit in the face.

I woke up with a 102 temp Mon morning and my neck looked like Frankenstein.  I got some antibiotics and already feel so much better.

On a sad note,  I found out that one of my long time friends decided not only to sleep with a married man but go on to ruin his marriage and take him for herself.  It's hard because it's something that I just don't believe in.  I know it's not my place to judge so when we do talk I don't bring it up.  I lost one of my closest gf's for this same thing and I'm terrified to lose this other woman, too. But what about their kids? Those kids all know that their mom or day didn't do the things God has asked for them to do, yet justify it all as "it was meant to be."  How bout divorce and THEN SEW YOUR WILD OATS?  I just swear, at times when I just want to run out and do things because I am so over my husband's antics but to lie with a man outside your marriage and make it known, is more than I can handle.  Perhaps I'll lose her, too, because of my stance, but for now I just had to ask her to stop talking about it.  It's ruining a marriage, not a bragging right.  It tears me up inside.

I am so ready to get away from WA and all the drama that surrounds me here.  I am sickened that I must stay one more year!  I can see that getting older has solidified those beliefs that I wasn't really sure of when I was younger.  But as I continue to grow and learn, hurting others to give in to your temptations is definitely not the trait I want to possess.

It's bad enough having Bullies as my Administration at the district level whom have it OUT for me even though I have not ONE discipline record in my 12 year history with the district!  Never a benefit of doubt goes to me.  It's like mom always said, "In the in, the only loyalty you will be left with, is your own."  The school district is a prime example  13 years of my life to be treated like a piece of crap because of my battle with cancer, GBS and disabilities got in their way.

Please pray I make it down to AZ, SOON.  I just need out of her and make some new friends and people who learn about me, FROM me, not something that precedes me.  Take time and watch what others are doing in this world.  Take a lesson from their life book.  We all have a story to share that just might help another to make it through another day.

All my love,
Teri C

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