Saturday, April 8, 2006

Goodbye Brooke

Here is how my spring break went down. After school Friday my sister Kelley and I went to Red Robin to celebrate Spring Break.

When I got home that night my old roommate Monica called to tell me that her 10 day old baby was sick. She was to have an operation and they would check her again on Saturday. Saturday morning Monica called me at 7 am to tell me that Brooke was going to die.

I spent all saturday with Monica and her family at the hospital. At 10pm they pulled the life support from 11 day old Brooke. Brooke Lyn Wells died at 11pm on April 1st.

My first wedding anniversary on April 2nd was not one to be celebrated, as the sadness of Brooke's passing was overwhelming.

The funeral was Wednesday. I have NEVER had to endure anything so sad.
I spent the next few days at my Mom's. It reminded me that no matter how mad we get at someone, their life can be gone before we have time to let them know we care.

Take a minute now, to tell your parents/friends/spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend/sister/brother/aunts/uncles/neices..
whomever......tell them you love them, or give them a hug. If they are far away send a card or email. It may not be your last chance, but Baby Brooke is a reminder that it *could* be.

This goes out to all my family and friends and my students.
I love you all.
Teri/Mrs. C

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